Nautilus (Limited CD + Book, 2013)

CD with 13 songs by The Sycamore Tree. Book with 110 pages, filled with 11 tales by Christian von Aster, Thomas Manegold, Thomas Sabottka, Marion Alexa Müller, Andre Ziegenmeyer, Mena Koller, Lisa Seltmann, Paul Waidelich and Theresa Rath, appropriately themed to each song. Cover and 10 coloured illustrations by Holger Much. CD "Nautilus" is placed in a slipcase in the bookcover, the 4-page booklet is also included. Sold without decorations. ISBN: 978-3-943876-56-7

for 16 Euro

Nautilus (2013)

CD with 13 songs and 4-page, coloured booklet. Sold without decorations.

for 14 Euro

Once upon a Time (2011)

CD with 14 Songs + a tale by Andre Ziegenmeyer and a 4-page, coloured booklet as digipack. Sold without decoration.

for 12 Euro